Sep 23, 2011

Bright is the Key

Colour blocking is not a new trend, but it is back with a BANG. Bright colour's are what makes this trend look modern so go for emeralds, purples, oranges or fuchsias. This trend allows you to match colour's that in the past were taboo together; they now make for a dynamic confident look.

This trend works best with blocks of solid colour's so know your body shape and use the bright's to work it. Colour blocking looks fab on an hourglass figure, so to extenuate your best assess and emphasize a small waist line, cut the look in half with two colour's the same intensity. If you have a pear shape try a dark on the bottom half and vice versa to minimise a larger bust.

For a more sophisticated look match a bright back with neutrals, such as caramel, cream, grey or white so your office ready. Alternatively you can try a different style of blocking by using two shades within the same family, eg. royal blue and purple.

Don't just stick with colour blocking your clothes, play around with bright accessories and nail varnish to complete your look. 

The sophisticated look matching a bright with a neutral

Playful bracelets from Forever New

Some great colour's to inspire you. So go out there and get colour blocking.

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