Sep 29, 2011

Super Stylish peeps - Boho Chic

We all have that one uber stylish friend that whatever she puts on, whether it be a brand new dress from Scanlan and Theodor or a Vintage 70's dress from Salvation Army, they just exasperate a sense of style that cannot be taught.

Julz has always had impeccable style from the moment I met her in high school, she has always had a keen eye for vintage pieces. Over the years I have seen her style go from the teenage version of shabby chic to a more refined vintage style that is envied by all.

The key to Julz style is a mix of Vintage and new, playing with different fabrics and textures, rarely steping out without a pair of shades.

Her wardrobe staples are a must for every fashion conscious woman;

A pair of black skinny jeans; they can be the answer to all our prayers on those days we wake up late or when we have "nothing to wear".

A well tailored blazer; this is good for work purposes, a date with that cute guy you have always wanted to ask out (just be sure to wear a sexy top underneath, something with a bit of bling perhaps) or even an afternoon lunch with the girls. Dress it up with killer heels and shimmery top or dress it down like the pic below with a scarf.

The little black dress; A must must must for all of us women. We all know that black is slimming and having a little black dress in our wardrobe will be the answer to all our dramas. Especially when the dress the you have had your heart set on all week "makes you look fat". Dress it up with some killer heels and chunky accessories and you certainly wont look "fat" anymore.

The Floppy Felt hat; we all need one. Paired up with a chucky knit on winters day or a maxi dress in spring its the perfect accessorie when you feel like being that little bit different, or having a bad hair day.

The Chunky Knit; try going for something a little different when you purchase your next chucky knit. Like Julz in the pic below, don't get your typical boring knit, get a knit with a graphic to catch everyone's eye. Find one that you can just throw on or belt up and wear as a feature.

Fur; now I know what a lot of you are going to say about having a real fur in your wardrobe, but fear not, there great fakes out there these days or you can be a little different have get some feathers (looks just as stylish). But it's still a wardrobe staple and prefect for keeping you warm on those cold winter nights.

The shift; I feel that this is on par with the little black dress. If you have a well tailored shift then you can work it for most occasions. You can dress it up for a night on the town or you can wear it to work or out to lunch when everything else you own is in the wash.

Sunglasses; everyone needs at least one pair of sunglasses that no matter how you look that day, they make you look 100% better. But I believe we should all aspire to have as many vintage and new shades as Julz.

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  1. Awwww adorable!!!! :) she is one funky woman thats for sure!

    Love your work Juls and Carlia!